Blog How To Implement Citations

How To Implement Citations

You need to make sure that quote has a specific purpose this quote really hasn’t a specific purpose it doesn’t say anything that I can’t say as an individual paraphrasing and providing citation in in what you’ll kind of see from me is that you can write all your papers and in my courses without …

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Blog Writing Concrete Statements

Writing Concrete Statements

People who start writing papers they get too technical too quickly should always be clear that you kind of start or at least if you’re not that experienced in writing papers who start more on a high level describing what cook the individual components want to achieve and then go deep you don’t want to …

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Blog Main Idea For Opinion Essay

Main Idea For Opinion Essay

The more general information down into the more specific idea so your intro is general by the end of the introduction it’s getting a more specific the body is super specific and then the conclusion it kind of opens up again and gets more general okay so this is kind of the organization yeah Kareem …

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