Movie Review Traitor Movie Review

Traitor Movie Review

At first glance, on paper (and in the trailer), the Don Cheadle vehicle Traitor looks tremendously like a cheap, second grade version of any one of the Bourne movies. The whole “good guy turns on his bosses and goes on the run”–type of film has been done a lot in recent years: the three Bourne …

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Movie Review Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2

Probably the most noticeable problem was the voice-acting. Director Dave Filoni must have studied toothpaste commercials when making this film. While Obi-Wan’s voice matches Ewan McGregor’s rather droll performance, it’s Anakin’s voice that grates the most. Almost every sentence is enunciated with no semblance of realism, making Mark Hamill’s Luke sound like a Cassavetes film. …

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